Text Hack Professional Beta

Text Hack Professional Beta 1.1

Text hack is the tool to edit the EXE,DLL,INI and other File Formats
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Nick Sweeting

Mainly, Text Hack Professional is used as an alternative to NotePad for Windows. It doesn’t have the exact use of NotePad though. Mostly, you just use this program for editing an array of different file types. From .DLL files to .INI files to .BAK files, we have all the big ones (currently, since Text Hack Professional is in Beta process, not all file types have been added. In the final version expect a lot more).
While the ability to open an array of different file types gives you much flexibility, you must also be very careful. If you edit a file in any way, and save it, you could cause many problems. Not only could you cause an entire program to be non-functional, but you could also cause big problems for your computer as a whole.
The current version of Text Hack Professional is Beta v1.1. The next version of Text Hack Professional will include more file types for you to open up, plus the Option button will be up and operational.
Text Hack Professional was created by Nick Sweeting.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Can edit EXE,INI,BAK and other file formats


  • Editng is not so easy
  • Interface not user friendly
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